Daily Crime & Fire Log

In accordance with the Federal law known as the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, or Clery Act, the UNCG Police Department maintains this Campus Daily Crime and Fire Log (Log), which contains information on alleged criminal incidents reported to UNCG Police and fires that occur in on-campus buildings including residence halls.  This page is updated in real time; please check back if your case is not yet available.

The Clery Act requires that the Log contain the following information with regard to each alleged incident or fire:  (1) the nature; (2) the date the incident was reported to UNCG Police; (3) the date and time the incident allegedly occurred; (4) the general location; and (5) the disposition of the complaint or fire, if known (further described in a table below the log).  UNCG’s Daily Crime and Fire Log also includes a column for case numbers, which is not required by law, but which aids in recording and tracking a crime report.

Note that UNCG Police may withhold information otherwise required by the Clery Act from the Log if there is clear and convincing evidence that the release of the particular information would— (A) Jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation or the safety of an individual; (B) Cause a suspect to flee or evade detection; or (C) Result in the destruction of evidence. The Log is to be updated with the withheld information if and when the UNCG Police determine that the justification for withholding the information no longer exists.  See 34 CFR 668.46(f).

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Below is an explanation of the statuses and dispositions used on the daily crime and fire log.

Status/Disposition Description
Active The case is open and being investigated.
Agency Referral A crime was reported to UNCG Police, but occurred off campus. The report will be referred to the applicable jurisdiction where the crime occurred.
Citation with Report The incident was assigned to an officer to write an incident report based on a citation that was issued.
Closed by Arrest The case is closed and an individual(s) was arrested.
Closed by Other Means The incident has been investigated and all leads are exhausted.
False Call/Unfounded The incident was investigated by a sworn law enforcement officer and determined to be false or baseless.
Inactive The incident has been investigated and there are no leads or evidence to further investigate.
Information Obtained/Provided Information was obtained but a report will not be written.
Information Report The incident was assigned to an officer to write an information report, but it is not a reportable offense.
Not Located An officer responds to a report of a crime, confirms a crime was committed, but does not locate an incident. 
State Citation A North Carolina State Citation was issued for a crime that was committed.
Unable to Assist/Cancel The reporting party cancelled the UNCG Police response or the reporting party was not present upon responding.
Verbal Warning The officer issued a verbal warning for an incident.
Warrant(s) Obtained UNCG Police took out warrants on an individual(s) involved in the incident.
WFA/OFA Served by Other Agency for UNCG Another agency served warrants taken out by UNCG Police.
WFA/OFA Served by UNCG for Other Agency An individual(s) was arrested for active warrants taken out by another agency.
Written Warning The officer issued a written warning for an incident.
Closed by Exception Exceptions below.
Death of Offender Death of the offender in the commission of the crime or investigation.
Prosecution Declined The officer or prosecutor declines to press charges.
In Custody of Other Jurisdiction Cases in which extraditions are formally denied or in circumstances where an offender committed offenses in two jurisdictions and was arrested in one of the jurisdictions.
Victim Refused to Cooperate The victim wishes to not participate in the investigation or chooses not to press charges.
Juvenile/No Custody The handling of a juvenile without taking him/her into custody.
Student Referral or Referral A student was referred to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities or the Dean of Students.